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Noun1.WLAN - a local area network that uses high frequency radio signals to transmit and receive data over distances of a few hundred feet; uses ethernet protocol
LAN, local area network - a local computer network for communication between computers; especially a network connecting computers and word processors and other electronic office equipment to create a communication system between offices
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So far these have taken the form of dedicated hardware appliances, software-only products for installation on (usually) commodity servers--both at the network edge, plug-ins for established network management/security tools and, most recently, WLAN switches, the latter installed in the network core.
Based on technology, WLAN can be segmented into WPA2, WPA, WEP, and no-encryption.
The handoff within the UMTS and the WLAN networks is called as horizontal handoff, where the handoff between these networks is known as vertical handoff [7].
Zebra Technologies Corporation is unveiling a new wireless local area network (WLAN), the new WiNG Express is specifically priced to meet the needs of small and mid-size businesses and is designed for simplicity without compromising on the Zebra WLAN enterprise-class features and functions used by Fortune 500 companies.
In the literature, there are many studies about testing of indoor WLANs and the design of the WLAN which is to be installed soon.
Darbe nagrinejamas LTE baziniu stociu poveikis trumpojo veikimo nuotolio irenginiams, nes be tokiu tyrimu gali atsirasti WLAN tinklo sutrikimu.
In this paper, a novel compact microstrip-fed planar monopole antenna designed with triple-band operation is proposed for WLAN and WiMAX applications.
ScanSource, Inc., (NASDAQ: SCSC) unit ScanSource POS & Barcode said it has added Motorola Solutions WLAN Cloud Services to its solutions offering.
In this paper, we have proposed a novel compact triple-band monopole antenna for WLAN and WiMAX applications.
VoIP over Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) might be a leading application in collaboration with 3rd Generation (3G) mobile network [6].
Remote WLAN Management meets the requirements under a budget control for having a centric WLAN management among governmental, educational units, and corporations with branches and chain-stores.