Werner syndrome

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Wer·ner syndrome

 (vĕr′nər) or Wer·ner's syndrome (-nərz)
An autosomal recessive disorder characterized by short stature and the appearance of premature aging after puberty, with early development of conditions such as cataracts, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, and malignancies.

[After Carl W. Otto Werner (1879-1936), German physician.]
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"We believe that supporting initiatives such as GEM puts the WRN at the forefront of applied research for earthquake hazard and helps provide a customized and bespoke view of risk, as well as reflecting Willis Towers Watson's commitment to social responsibility," said Rosa Sobradelo, senior research manager for the WRN.
These internal assessments, along with the WRN, NRC, and NIST recommendations [especially NRC (2012b) and NIST (2013)], led to exploration of a new, probabilities-based, SBE-sciences-informed paradigm for hazardous weather forecasting.
The WRN protein was not detected in the peripheral blood of any of the 3 siblings, and they were all diagnosed with WS.
Camptothecin** o (i) [50]: the camptothecin targets WRN protein: mechanism and relevance in clinical breast cancer.
Roeddwn i wedi penderfynu y baswn i'n prynu dwy wrn (i fod yn posh!) er mwyn eu rhoi ar bob pen i wal bach sydd gen i o flaen y ty.
In the UK, Williams v Roffey Bros has been followed in Anangel Atlas Compania Naviera SA v Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co Ltd (No 2) [1990] 2 Lloyd's Rep 526; Lee v GEC Plessey Telecommunications [1993] IRLR 383; and WRN Ltd v Ayris [2008] EWHC 1080 (QB).
Werner syndrome results when cells fail to produce working WRN protein, which, like lamin A, stabilizes a genome's 3-D structure.
Each animal was tested only once for nerve stability (NST), affability (AFB), wariness (WRN), adaptability (ADP), sharpness (SRP), activity (ACT) or energy level or temperament and reactions during blood drawn (RBD).
progrS wrn She notched up her third win of the season at Gowran recently and has done nothing but improve.
However, select Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation programming is also accessible by WRN. At nationwide level, the corporation broadcasts its programs in twenty three dissimilar state-recognized languages at 24-hour news cycle time.
The disease is caused by a mutation to the Werner syndrome RecQ helicase-like gene, known as the WRN gene for short, which generates the WRN protein.