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Noun1.WTV - a tumor virus transmitted by leafhoppers
tumor virus - a cell-free filtrate held to be a virus responsible for a specific neoplasm
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Boafo noted that the Wesley TV (WTV) will give further impetus to their quest to bring the good news which will impact the lives of society, individuals and gospel of Jesus Christ and thus dissuade viewers from negative contents.
Correlation coefficients between contexts for all the variables WTV p WTV s WTV st WT p 1 0.174 0.448** WT s 1 0.395** WT st 1 RB p RB p 1 RB s RB st CE p CE s CE st ET p ET s ET st WT p WT s WT st RB s RB st RB p 0.217* 0.373** RB s 1 0.505** RB st 1 Cep CEs CE p 1 0.129 CE s 1 CE st ET p ET s ET st WT p WT s WT st RB p CE st RB s 0.288* RB st CE p CE s 0.354** CE st 1 ET p ET p ET s ET st ET s 1 0.347** 0.379** ET st 1 0.530** 1 * p<.01, ** p<.05.
In the analyses of accelerometer data, the Mahuffe Processing Software (version and the Actilife Analysis Software (version 6.4.3) to process activity data (WTV, MVPA & counts x [min.sup.-1]) were used.
If end-users' demand does not exceed the threshold WTV all end-users are served by the CDN servers using a client/server pattern.
Soil pH was measured by agitating air-dried soil in a mechanical shaker in a 0.01 M Ca[Cl.sub.2] solution, at 1:5 ratio for 1 hour, by using a calibrated digital pH meter (pH 538 WTV) (Fig.
Tickers featured: LINTA, WTV. Complete text approximately 3000 words.
Just as armies with forces deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq have quickly added armour protection to light vehicles and wheeled tactical vehicles (WTV) used in logistics roles to reduce their vulnerability to asymmetrical attacks, it is critical that similarly sized C2 vehicles be armoured to prevent the loss of commanders.
WESTBORO - A spirited and fiercely competitive weight-loss contest, which will be shown on Westborough TV (WTV), is being undertaken by five local participants, WTV General Manager Maria Sheehan, School Superintendent Anne Towle, Police Chief Alan Gordon, Police Lt.
pH was adjusted with a precision pH-mV meter pH 531 (WTV, Weilheim, Germany) and a combination pH electrode Ingold 405-S7/120 (Mettler-Toledo, Urdorf, Switzerland).
You could feel it in the air: something was coming: tropical fireflies clustered in fields to spell out the initials WTV, which Soviet satellites mistakenly interpreted as clever advertisements for a new cable network and identified, not incorrectly, as a threat.