1.A colloquial contraction of was not.
References in classic literature ?
When you fellers was his age, you wa'n't dry behind the ears yet.
Say, Miss Pollyanna, do you mean--was you playin' that 'ere game THEN--about my bein' glad I wa'n't named Hephzibah'?
There wa'n't many names left when your mother got through choosin'
Blumenthal's [Flora's], I feel as if the roots o' things wa'n't killed.
I wa'n't goin' to keep nothin' of Egypt on me, an' so I went to the Lord an' asked him to give me a new name.
Besides, I reckon that wa'n't murder when Marse Prosser kilt old Bundy.
Additionally, lexicographers and dialect geographers have by no means been in agreement when it comes to classifying the full form underlying wa'n't: thus, the New English Dictionary listed wa'n't and warn't as the negative constructions of nonstandard were (1888: 717), whereas DARE (vol.
I wa'n't goin to keep nothin' of Egypt on me, an 'so I went to the Lord an' asked him to give me a new name.
There's a medium in all things, and you must just manage it, as if you wa'n't thinking at all about him, or love, or a husband, or anything [.
The house wa'n't fit for us to live in any longer, an' I've made up my mind I wa'n't goin' to stay there.
Officer Dray told me I was mouthin' off, I wa'n't doin' nothin'
But that wa'n't about to last," and has become almost insensate by the time he reaches "There are people out there--I figure they're just talkers, you know--saying there's some guy down here in these boondocks that fancies himself a knife fighter, and a bad 'un--say he's called the Sticker.