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n.1.(Zool.) The grivet.
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Waag Wladislaw, Kabitz Stefan, Sauer Dirk Uwe, "Experiment investigation of the lithium-ion battery impedance characteristic at various conditions and aging states and its influence on the application.
Van der Waag, I (2015), The Military History of Modern South Africa.
Waag, as well as many volunteers who assisted with field work.
The former guild house Zunfthaus Zur Waag (pictured, above) was built by an apothecary and served as the meeting place for textile workers.
Currently under the direction of Linn Weeda, each concert features the Anchorage Youth Philharmonic with debut conductor William Waag.
The WAAG Secretary General termed the youth as National asset and said they have an important role to play in progress and prosperity of the country.
For an example that is both colorful and cause for concern, see WAAG v Minister for Immigration [2002] FMCA 191, 2002 WL 2025758 (30 Aug.
skrywer hoe ver van jou lyf kan jy dit waag sonder dat die leser die doodsreuk kry
The Dadaists, despite brewing internal conflicts, rented a room for one night at the Waag Hall (Guild House), where they held the historic July 14 Dada Soiree.
These sites include the laboratory at the CSDS, which hosts students and visiting fellows from South Asia and abroad; the annual thematic readers on such topics as "The Public Domain" and "The Cities of Everyday Life," which gather writings by both well-known and emerging thinkers; collaborations with other media-based initiatives, such as the programs of Amsterdam's Waag Society; and--within the space of the commons--the user-generated content resulting from access to, and development of, free software.
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