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n.1.A wave.
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Sorghum was harvested at milky growth stage by hand-sickle at 15 cm above ground level at 11 WAE on 20 December 2014.
Founded in 2003, WAE has a team of 40 professionals working from their offices in London and New York.
67 million) in 2015, and WAE with a turnover of Dh150 million that year, are both eyeing strong growth in 2016.
EEF and WAE have reported that demand for their aluminium profiles have increased from 24,100 metric tonnes in 2013 to 27,250 metric tonnes in 2014, registering a 13 per cent year-on-year increase, in line with heightened construction activities.
Meanwhile, WAE is putting the finishing touches on an anodizing plant from Italy with a capacity of 4,800MT per annum.
At five WAE the crop was hoe-weeded and top dressed with urea (46% N) nitrogen fertilizer at 200 kg ha-1 and a third hoe weeding was done at 9 WAE.
A secao Material e Metodos apresenta a metodologia do trabalho, alem de uma breve revisao do processo WAE e de uma descricao detalhada da instancia proposta para o WAE denominada de WAEI/MSE (Web Application Extension Instance/Micro and Small Enterprises).
It has to be pointed out here that some of the syntactic features illustrated as characterizing WAE or NE by existing studies are in fact shared by other varieties of English.
Therefore, quinclorac can be applied to bermudagrass at 0 WAE or later without risk of damage, which agrees with recent greenhouse and field studies (Bayrer et al.
Holtzman felt that WAE was less susceptible to biases arising from variations in degrees of fragmentation.
He was selected for a HEAD WAE Award (Higher education appreciation day-working for academic excellence) in 2000.
The OpenSTA DB Monitor module allows users to monitor the performance of database servers and pinpoint performance issues up to the SQL statement level while running a load test of their WAE or while their WAE runs in production.