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n.1.A wave.
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Both EEF and WAE are exporting around 60-70 per cent of their finished goods to the GCC region and nearly 25 countries across the Middle East and North Africa.
EEF and WAE have reported that demand for their aluminium profiles have increased from 24,100 metric tonnes in 2013 to 27,250 metric tonnes in 2014, registering a 13 per cent year-on-year increase, in line with heightened construction activities.
Meanwhile, WAE is putting the finishing touches on an anodizing plant from Italy with a capacity of 4,800MT per annum.
A secao Material e Metodos apresenta a metodologia do trabalho, alem de uma breve revisao do processo WAE e de uma descricao detalhada da instancia proposta para o WAE denominada de WAEI/MSE (Web Application Extension Instance/Micro and Small Enterprises).
It has to be pointed out here that some of the syntactic features illustrated as characterizing WAE or NE by existing studies are in fact shared by other varieties of English.
He was selected for a HEAD WAE Award (Higher education appreciation day-working for academic excellence) in 2000.
The OpenSTA DB Monitor module allows users to monitor the performance of database servers and pinpoint performance issues up to the SQL statement level while running a load test of their WAE or while their WAE runs in production.
The article should have stated that National Metal Abrasive has joined the North American Sector of WAE as opposed to the stated Wheelabrator (USF Surface Preparation).
All clients with 4 weeks or more of project time available are assumed to have had a WAE.
The WAE transaction included the conveyance of 63 million tons of coal reserves.
For extended gaps, however, the more durable solution is the Reemployed Annuitant (REA), formerly known as the WAE (When Actually Employed) worker.
Introducing WAE LM12 single-cavity reheat stretch-blow machine for short runs.