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n.1.A dealer in the cakes called wafers; a confectioner.
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amp; AL vitallarius, vitellarius, vitularius] 'a seller of food or food and drink; a trader in foodstuffs; one who supplies or tries to supply an armed force or expedition with food and drink or other necessary provisions; one who outfits a naval vessel with supplies of food and drink or other provisions' 1384 MED); Wafrer 1212, 1255, 1301, Waverer 1227, Wafrur 1250, Wajror 1255, Waffrour 1316, Wafrour 1336, Waferer 1340, Wafenour 1426 (waferer [AF waferer, waf(f)rer, ONF wauf(f)rier; also cp.
Sold by street vendors and named Waferers in England and Gaufriers in France, the then wafers, soon to become waffles, were catching on like a house on fire.