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or Wai'a·le'a·le  (wī-ä′lā-ä′lā)
A mountain, 1,569 m (5,148 ft) high, of central Kauai in Hawaii. Its summit is one of the rainiest spots on earth.
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Waialeale, supposedly the wettest place on earth, have simple perforation plates.
Unless you raise pineapples, which consist of 80 percent water, in the shadow of Mount Waialeale on the Hawaiian island of Kauai--the wettest or second wettest place on Earth, with 460 inches of annual rainfall--you likely know something about the importance of giving your garden a timely watering.
He's like the guy in 'Schindler's List,' " says Mary Waialeale, his personal assistant.
Kaulilua I Ke Anu O Waialeale is one of the oldest dances to survive from rituals used on the heiau (outdoor temples).
Whereas parts of Kauai bathe in rain (the summit of Mount Waialeale is said to get 400 inches a year), Niihau gets a dozen or so.
Although the town was recently displaced by Mount Waialeale in Hawaii and neighbouring Mawsynram for the title of 'wettest place', its residents are quick to point out how Mount Waialeale's record rainfall falls only over five square kilometres of an uninhabited island in the middle of an ocean, and that Mawsynram maintains no proper or rigorous meteorological records.
Composed of 137 scattered islands and islets, the Hawaiian archipelago has eight major islands: Hawaii, or the Big Island; Maui; Kahoolawe (which is now being reclaimed by Hawaiian activists); Lanai; Molokai; Oahu, featuring the capital city of Honolulu; Kauai, home of "the wettest spot on earth," Mount Waialeale (450 inches of rain a year
For Waialeale Boat Tours, the cruise ships, especially the bonus boat visits during the winter months, have transformed business.
As you fly over the canyon, you'll view 5,000-foot-high Mount Waialeale crater--the wettest spont on earth with 471 inches of rain a year, which makes it a hothouse for exotic orchids.
Waialeale on the island of Kaui -- the wettest spot on Earth -- and the extreme desert-like conditions of Mt.