Waianae Range

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Wai·a·na·e Range

A mountain range of western Oahu, Hawaii, rising to 1,231 m (4,040 ft).
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The rugged west and north shores of Oahu converge here, at the tip of the volcanic Waianae Range. The point itself is a massive coral sand bluff that narrows to a reef as it slips needlelike into the sea amid waves and colliding currents.
* From Waianae (west side access): The 2.5-mile trail meanders several dozen feet above tidepools and natural stone arches, providing wonderful views of the Waianae Range. The offshore reef, barely 100 yards away, seems to put you in the middle of the wave action.
The west shore trail hews to the base of the Waianae Range, which blocks the trade winds so that it gets downright hot midsummer (kaena is said to mean "heat").