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Noun1.John Wain - English writer (1925-1994)
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Unlike the working-class protagonists of his contemporaries John Wain, John Braine, David Storey, and others, Sillitoe's characters have no desire to "ascend" into the middle class by marriage or other means; they disdain and exuberantly subvert arbitrary bourgeois proprieties, conventions, and decorum, embracing the raucousness, rowdiness, and pragmatic ethos of working-class life and culture.
Pictured with the champion pen left to right are Richard Wain, John Allan, David Wain who helped his father with the judging, and Harrison & Hetherington auctioneer at Lazonby Ted Ogden.
It has been, and still is, a matter of grave doubt, not least among the artists themselves--Kingsley Amis, John Osborne, John Wain, John Braine and Colin Wilson--to name some of the more obvious figures.