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 (wŏl-dĕn′sēz, wôl-)
A Christian sect of dissenters that originated in southern France in the late 1100s and adopted Calvinist doctrines in the 1500s. Also called Vaudois.

[Medieval Latin Waldēnsēs, after Peter Waldo.]

Wal·den′sian (-shən) adj. & n.
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After extensive research by Chris (his other hobby is Genealogy), it was found that it related to the Waldensian Evangelical Church founded in the 12th century in Italy.
In June 2015 Francis became the first pope to visit a Waldensian church.
The World Communion of Reformed Churches represents 80 million members of Congregational, Presbyterian, Reformed, United, Uniting and Waldensian churches.
Contract notice: Waldensian school morfelden-walldorf, new construction and renovation.
In June 2015, he became the first Pope to enter a Waldensian church.
Mark McMeley, a specialist in the history of the Waldensians, who grew up in the Waldensian community near Monett, Missouri.
Uruguayan historian Roger Geymonat, a descendant of the Waldensian immigrants who arrived in the country in the mid-19th century, points out that the process of secularization developed in parallel to what is known as "the Uruguay of the first modernization"--in other words, the process that built a benefactor state, which distributes work and the means of upward social mobility to large sectors of the population, including immigrants.
Humanitarian Corridors" is a joint project of the Sant'Egido Community, the Federation of Evangelical Churches in Italy and the Waldensian Church.
42 million) project is being largely financed by the Waldensian evangelical church, one of the religious groups that Italian taxpayers can select to receive a small percentage of their federal income taxes.
The sermon was based on a comparison of Peter Waldo founder of the Waldensian Church with St Francis of Assisi and the Franciscan Church.
Robert Lerner did rightly dispatch the phantom of the Free Spirit heretics a generation ago, but Cathar, Waldensian, and Hussite heretics really did prowl the dimly lit hallways of medieval Europe.
The 1200s are shared by Christ's absolute poverty doctrine and the creation of the Tribunal of the Holy Office; the holy Franciscan mendacity and the Waldensian heretic mendacity; the characters of Francisco's nativity scene humanized - and the Church's plenitudo potestatis theory--heavenly city on earth.