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 (wôl′dō, wäl′-) or Val·do (văl′-, väl′-), Peter Also known as Peter or Pierre Valdès. fl. 12th century.
French religious leader who founded the Waldenses and was excommunicated in 1184.


n, pl -dos or -does
(Tools) a gadget for manipulating objects by remote control
[C20: named after Waldo F. Jones, inventor in a science-fiction story by Robert Heinlein]


(ˈwɔl doʊ, ˈwɒl-)

Pierre or Peter, died c1217, French religious reformer, declared a heretic.
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These possessions--for as such they might almost certainly be reckoned--comprised the greater part of what is now known as Waldo County, in the state of Maine, and were more extensive than many a dukedom, or even a reigning prince's territory, on European soil.
Years and years after their claim had passed out of the public memory, the Pyncheons were accustomed to consult the Colonel's ancient map, which had been projected while Waldo County was still an unbroken wilderness.
As the son of an East India merchant and the son-in-law of Ralph Waldo Emerson, he was a Bostonian of the Brahmin caste.
She does very little to hide her relationship, purposely parading her paramour around Waldo as if to punish him.
Gwelsom Ysgol Blaenconin lle roedd Waldo yn ddisgybl a'i dad yn brifathro, ac wedi troi oddi ar y ffordd fawr, a cherdded ar hyd lon wledig, dyma gyrraedd Rhosaeron, cartre'r taid a'r nain.
The subject of the public contract is to restore the server HiFi SIMU WALDO / IDP on the same platform as the relovho, operating system (IBM Power 8), which has already been carried out restoration sites.
Mae'r gyfrol hon o dros 700 tudalen, ynghyd a chofiant diweddar Alan Llwyd, yn ddathliad teilwng o fywyd a gwaith Waldo.
The tunnel, which has a rainbow painted on the outside, is currently named after William Waldo, a Whig Party candidate who ran for governor in 1853.
On the west side of Waldo Lake, all or portions of the Waldo Mountain, Waldo Lake, Waldo Meadows, Koch Mountain, Black Creek and High Divide trails were closed Monday, fire officials said.
Even Virgin Atlantic's President Sir Richard Branson got in on the act and dressed up as Waldo, who is known as 'Wally' in celebration of the anniversary.
Whilst that episode was a delirious mixture of absurd story, complex issues and well-developed characters, The Waldo Moment sadly misfires on all accounts aiming a barb that mainly attacks reality television more than the dangerous mingling of politics and entertainment.
With a Waldo pilot in the offing, the animated character is soon standing against one of his victims, Conservative Liam Monroe (Tobias Menzies), who hopes to win a safe Tory seat in an up-and-coming by-election.