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 (klŏz′ĭt, klô′zĭt)
1. A cabinet or enclosed recess for linens, household supplies, or clothing.
2. A small private chamber, as for study or prayer.
3. A water closet; a toilet.
4. A state of secrecy or cautious privacy: Two days before the election, the candidate suddenly came out of the closet and denounced the proposed law.
tr.v. clos·et·ed, clos·et·ing, clos·ets
To enclose or shut up in a private room, as for discussion: closeted themselves with their attorneys.
1. Private; confidential: closet information.
2. Being so or engaging only in private; secret: a closet proponent of a tax increase; a closet alcoholic.
3. Based on theory and speculation rather than practice.

[Middle English, private room, from Old French, diminutive of clos, enclosure, from Latin clausum, from neuter of clausus, enclosed; see close.]

clos′et·ful′ n.
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1. a small cupboard or recess
2. a small private room
3. short for water closet
4. (modifier) private or secret
5. (modifier) suited or appropriate for use in private: closet meditations.
6. (modifier) US and Canadian based on or devoted to theory; speculative: a closet strategist.
vb, -ets, -eting or -eted
(tr) to shut up or confine in a small private room, esp for conference or meditation
[C14: from Old French, from clos enclosure; see close1]
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(ˈklɒz ɪt)

n., adj., v. -et•ed, -et•ing. n.
1. a small room, enclosed recess, or cabinet for storing clothing, food, utensils, etc.
2. a small private room, esp. one used for prayer, meditation, etc.
3. a state or condition of secrecy or carefully guarded privacy.
5. private; secluded.
6. suited for use or enjoyment in privacy: closet prayer.
7. engaged in private study or speculation; speculative; impractical: a closet thinker.
8. being or functioning as such in private; secret: a closet homosexual.
9. to shut up in a private room for a conference, interview, etc.: The President was closeted with the senators for three hours.
[1300–50; Middle English < Anglo-French, Middle French, =clos close (n.) + -et -et]
clos′et•ful`, n., pl. -fuls.
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- First denoted a private or small room.
See also related terms for private.
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1. 'cupboard'

A cupboard is a piece of furniture with doors at the front and usually shelves inside.

The kitchen cupboard is stocked with tins of soup.

Cupboards in American English are built-in shelves behind doors. They are mainly found in kitchens.

She was in the kitchen, opening cupboards, moving boxes and cans to see what lay behind.
2. 'wardrobe'

A wardrobe is a tall piece of furniture, usually in a bedroom, that has space for hanging clothes.

I hung my dress up in the wardrobe.
3. 'closet'

A wardrobe is sometimes built into the wall of a room, rather than being a separate piece of furniture. In American English, a built-in wardrobe is called a closet.

There's an iron in the closet.
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Past participle: closeted
Gerund: closeting

I closet
you closet
he/she/it closets
we closet
you closet
they closet
I closeted
you closeted
he/she/it closeted
we closeted
you closeted
they closeted
Present Continuous
I am closeting
you are closeting
he/she/it is closeting
we are closeting
you are closeting
they are closeting
Present Perfect
I have closeted
you have closeted
he/she/it has closeted
we have closeted
you have closeted
they have closeted
Past Continuous
I was closeting
you were closeting
he/she/it was closeting
we were closeting
you were closeting
they were closeting
Past Perfect
I had closeted
you had closeted
he/she/it had closeted
we had closeted
you had closeted
they had closeted
I will closet
you will closet
he/she/it will closet
we will closet
you will closet
they will closet
Future Perfect
I will have closeted
you will have closeted
he/she/it will have closeted
we will have closeted
you will have closeted
they will have closeted
Future Continuous
I will be closeting
you will be closeting
he/she/it will be closeting
we will be closeting
you will be closeting
they will be closeting
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been closeting
you have been closeting
he/she/it has been closeting
we have been closeting
you have been closeting
they have been closeting
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been closeting
you will have been closeting
he/she/it will have been closeting
we will have been closeting
you will have been closeting
they will have been closeting
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been closeting
you had been closeting
he/she/it had been closeting
we had been closeting
you had been closeting
they had been closeting
I would closet
you would closet
he/she/it would closet
we would closet
you would closet
they would closet
Past Conditional
I would have closeted
you would have closeted
he/she/it would have closeted
we would have closeted
you would have closeted
they would have closeted
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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Noun1.closet - a small room (or recess) or cabinet used for storage spacecloset - a small room (or recess) or cabinet used for storage space
airing cupboard - a warm cupboard where you put newly washed clothes until they are completely dry
broom closet - a small room for storing brooms and other cleaning equipment
safe - a ventilated or refrigerated cupboard for securing provisions from pests
storage space - the area in any structure that provides space for storage
supply closet - a closet for storing supplies
2.closet - a toilet in Britaincloset - a toilet in Britain      
john, lav, lavatory, privy, toilet, bathroom, can - a room or building equipped with one or more toilets
3.closet - a tall piece of furniture that provides storage space for clothescloset - a tall piece of furniture that provides storage space for clothes; has a door and rails or hooks for hanging clothes
armoire - a large wardrobe or cabinet; originally used for storing weapons
clothes closet, clothespress - a closet where clothes are stored
coat closet - a closet for storing outerwear
article of furniture, furniture, piece of furniture - furnishings that make a room or other area ready for occupancy; "they had too much furniture for the small apartment"; "there was only one piece of furniture in the room"
4.closet - a small private room for study or prayer
kiosk, stall, booth, cubicle - small area set off by walls for special use
room - an area within a building enclosed by walls and floor and ceiling; "the rooms were very small but they had a nice view"
shelf - a support that consists of a horizontal surface for holding objects
Verb1.closet - confine to a small space, as for intensive work
confine - prevent from leaving or from being removed
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1. (U.S.) cupboard, cabinet, recess, cubicle, cubbyhole Perhaps there's room in the broom closet.
1. secret, private, hidden, unknown, concealed, covert, unrevealed He is a closet Fascist.
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To enclose so as to hinder or prohibit escape:
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pieliekamaissienas skapis
gömme dolap


A. N
1. (= toilet) → wáter m, lavabo m
2. (US) (= cupboard) → armario m, placar(d) m (LAm); (for clothes) → ropero m
to come out of the closet (fig) → anunciarse públicamente
B. VT to be closeted with sbestar encerrado con algn
C. CPD [fascist, racist] → secreto/a, no declarado/a
closet gay Ngay m no declarado
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(US) (= wardrobe) → penderie f
to come out of the closet (fig) [gay person] → révéler son homosexualité
(US) (= cupboard) → placard m
adj (= undeclared) [homosexual, gay] → caché(e)close-up [ˈkləʊsʌp] n (= photo, shot) → gros plan mclose work ntravail m minutieux
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vb: pret, ptp <closeted>
(US) → Wandschrank m; to come out of the closet (fig) (man)sich als Homosexueller outen; (woman)sich als Lesbe outen
(dated: = water closet) → Klosett nt
(old: = small room) → Kabinett nt, → Nebenzimmer nt
vt to be closetedhinter verschlossenen Türen sitzen (with sb mit jdm); I closeted myself in my studyich habe mich in meinem Arbeitszimmer vergraben
adj attr (= secret)heimlich
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1. n (Am) (cupboard) → armadio
to come out of the closet (fam) → uscire allo scoperto
2. vt to be closeted with sbessersi appartato/a con qn
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(ˈklozit) noun
(American) a cupboard. a clothes closet.
ˈcloseted adjective
engaged in a private conversation in a separate room from other people. They're closeted in his office.
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Two other bedrooms, one with a walk-in closet, and a hall bath and laundry room provide privacy and convenience.
* Islands and benches in walk-in closets create a dressing room feeling and provide extra surface space for packing luggage.
Handpicked finishes and details flow throughout the home to exude a genuine character while tastefully maintaining the feeling of a home: with travertine tile, hardwood flooring, gas fireplace, vaulted and coffered ceilings, rich wood cabinetry, walk-in closets with boutique style built-ins, granite countertops and large living spaces for entertaining encourage indoor/outdoor living.
The master bath is grand, with a walk-in closet, spa tub and compartmented toilet.
Corner master bedroom with three windows, walk-in closet. Full-service cooperative with full-time doorman, playroom, bike room and laundry room.
The second-floor master suite includes a full bath and a walk-in closet. Three additional bedrooms--also with walk-in closets--a full bath and a game room complete the plan.
Master suite with walk-in closet, automated solar and black out shades come up.