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Noun1.Walker Percy - United States writer whose novels explored human alienation (1916-1990)
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Chapter Two sets Byzantine iconomachy alongside works by the novelists Walker Percy and Flannery O'Connor, to address Christ who 'came down from Heaven and was made human' (his abiding presence).
The Moviegoer by Walker Percy remains one of the most influential novels I have ever read, and I read it in my youth.
He believed, reasonably I think, in the "primacy of the Good." Like one of his heroes, the Southern novelist Walker Percy, he refused to believe that the truth was ultimately sad.
Chapters on regions explore Wallace and Latin America writers (Manual Puig), Russian writers (Dostoevsky), Eastern European writers (Kafka), and writers of the American South (Walker Percy, Flannery OAEConnor).
This article attempts to track down imagery related to the Holy Ghost in Walker Percy's The Moviegoer and demonstrate that Percy borrows some of it from Gerard Manley Hopkins; further, that this imagery is crucial to Percy's narration of Binx Boiling's spiritual quest.
The life of Williston Bibb Barrett, the main character in Walker Percy's The Last Gentleman (1966) and The Second Coming (1980), will serve as an illustration of our hypothesis.
Walker Percy's Lost in the Cosmos: The Last Self-Help Book, while not a memoir, is a beautiful, yearning exploration of the self.
"Somewhere and Not Anywhere," the tide of Sirmans s essay in the exhibition catalogue, was taken from the 1961 Walker Percy book The Moviegoer, which played a key source of inspiration for his approach to the project.
Walker Percy and his characters do everything in their power to escape the crushing weight of everyday existence.
The book was finally published at the urging of prominent author Walker Percy, who had read the manuscript at the insistence of Toole's mother.
THE LIFE OF THE AMERICAN CATHOLIC novelist and philosopher Walker Percy (1916-1990) dramatically illustrates the tensions of faith, reason, and science.
LANCELOT LAMAR, THE PROTAGONIST OF WALKER PERCY'S LANCELOT, reflects what Percy takes to be the logical conclusion of living in a world bereft of belief--in progressive ideals, in community, in any transcendental signifier.