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Noun1.Walker Smith - United States prizefighter who won the world middleweight championship five times and the world welterweight championship once (1921-1989)
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At Walker Smith Way in Chester she became the first female equity partner in the firm's 150-year history.
1921: Boxer Sugar Ray Robinson - real name Walker Smith Jnr - was born in Detroit.
10 Which boxer, perhaps the greatest pound-for-pound fighter in boxing history, was born Walker Smith? answers WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN: Queen Elizabeth I; A lizard; Thailand; 1835.
'The next generation of children needs to be protected as lead paints will have an effect on their IQ, ' says Mr Walker Smith, director of the Office of Global Affairs and Policy.
Spokesman for Holloween Costumes, Ross Walker Smith, apologized for the costume in response to a tweet sent out by Rob McDowall, saying the costume could be used "outside of Halloween."
1921: Boxer 'Sugar' Ray Robinson - real name Walker Smith Jr - was born in Detroit.
Walker Smith imagines future successful business models based on the popular ride-sharing app, Uber, which matches consumer service with social media and cutting-edge technology.
US professional boxer Walker Smith Jr was better known by what name?
He was seconded to Chester law firm Walker Smith Way and when he qualified they offered him a job.
Mr Smith has joined mfg as an associate after almost a decade with Cheshire-based practice Walker Smith Way.
These changes, says Professor Walker Smith of the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, will significantly impact marine life in what is one of the world's most productive and unspoiled marine ecosystems, where rich blooms of phytoplankton feed krill, fish, and higher predators such as whales, penguins, and seals.