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The integrated rolling mill uses Bendotti walking beam furnace of 110MT per hour capacity.
In addition to the main console shown here and companion four-panel Allen-Bradley installation, Besser delivered a new hydraulic power unit for the existing walking beam conveyor.
axles, air brakes, walking beam axle support, (16) 11R22.5 tires, mud flaps and lights with reflectors.
Each cylinder had a diameter of 40 inches and a stroke of 10 feet, and each drove a walking beam that was 25 feet long and weighed 11 tons.
Caption: A rebuilt walking beam furnace discharges a slab onto rollers at ArcelorMittal's 80-inch hot strip mill.
In addition, on the GT-610 CNC, the parts are gantry fed from a walking beam step feeder, and the final ground parts are placed into a finished goods tray.
The company said that at the Raahe steel mill, liquefied natural gas (LNG) will replace the use of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in the walking beam furnace in the strip mill and be used as a support fuel in the boiler of the new power plant.
In addition, the company will spend a double-digit million euro sum on a new walking beam system in the rail rolling mill in Donawitz.
It is built for production with a heavy, box-frame construction, mechanical main drive and solid walking beam case transfer.
Whitneyville management, having the same designs on the civilian market as Remington, decided to get in on the action by producing Beals's unusual looking "walking beam" revolver which, most importantly, did not infringe on any existing Colt patents.
WE also had a call from David Batch of Great Ayton who told us that he thinks that one of the pictures is the construction of the walking beam furnace at Cargo Fleet.