Walking lady

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(Theater) an actress who usually fills such parts as require only a ladylike appearance on the stage.

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ThePantomime Theater also invites Baku residents and foreign guests to enjoysuch plays as "White Mustache" (September 15), "Underground" (September 21), "Men and Women" (September 22), "Dog Walking Lady" (September 28), and "Deja vu" (September 29).
In Shakespeare's play, 'Macbeth', a distraught, guilt racked, sleep walking Lady Macbeth cries out, "Out damned spot!" while trying to wash her hands of the murder she had helped commit.
One is tasked with walking Lady Tina's two miniature dogs around the decks before picking up their poop and scrubbing them clean again.
While you are out walking Lady in your neighborhood, the Gentle Leader[R] may assist you in her behavior towards other dogs.