Wall paper

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Same as Paper hangings, above.
paper for covering the walls of rooms; paper hangings.
- Shak.

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Joe and Delia met in an atelier where a number of art and music students had gathered to discuss chiaroscuro, Wagner, music, Rembrandt's works, pictures, Waldteufel, wall paper, Chopin and Oolong.
The wall paper is plain and all of one color, usually green or brown.
Locally owned business My Wall Paper Guys, which also offers drywall repair, is teaming up with the online marketing specialists at Prospect Genius to make its Web site more visible and accessible.
Limited tenders are invited for printing, production and delivery of eastern regional wall paper (sanjog)
I had to get a professional to remove the wall paper, fix the cracks and re-paint the walls," recounts Mehra who says he had to spend Dh5,000 to 'sort' his apartment.
Goodbye annoying small kitchen and f*** off horrible blue wall paper.
The event also presents interior decorations, curtain, wall paper, decorative coatings, fitting, wall cover, sports furniture as well as other electronic equipment, remote control, building safety system, refining systems and materials.
Inside most houses the decor is stunning, and I often ask where they get their wall paper, but never seem to get an answer - just a funny look.
The inauguration of the Buildmart showroom, where designers can purchase many different aspects, including kitchen setup options, chandeliers, wall paper collections, curtains, carpets and garden accessories, was attended by H.
Ahsan Masood, Amra Khan, Maria Khan, Mohsin Shafi and Mizna Syed have brought their stunning expressions amalgamated with the medium of oil on canvas, mixed media, black mount sheet and wall paper, Gouache on Wasli, Acrylics, Print on archival paper and wood, ink, tea and coffee on paper.
Graph paper, brown paper bags, wall paper and butcher's paper.
George loved working with his hands and became a master floor coverer, painter and wall paper hanger.