Wall piece

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a gun planted on a wall.

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Cut a 1/4-by-1/16-inch rabbet along one of the 91/8-inch edges of each end wall piece that you built in Step 1.
A two metre by three metre piece, depicting bedouins on camels, is priced Dh650 and will make a perfect wall piece when framed in glass.
The Auberon wall piece is an abstract art design that is digitally printed.
Apply icing down the two short sides (slightly in from the edges) and along the bottom of wall piece C.
In the large wall piece that anchors the exhibition and gives it its title, Are we just going to stand and watch this?, she uses a blatant Rorschach vibe--rendered in super-sized proportion--to underscore that meaning here is mutable and not reliant on any single perspective.
Now pounds 27.99 (down from pounds 39.99), this fun wall piece will look great in a contemporary kitchen.
Bateman drew a slice from life for this corner last month and his quote has returned in a wall piece.
What I discovered while doing an autopsy on the Gary Wall piece was that I had several small stories, each one full of narrative possibilities that could be told in a length that could get them in today's paper.
PTM Images unveils this Serenite wall piece in deep, Chinese red with a touch of gold.
Iestyn Davies and Adrian Mul-ley's striking Ripple is an interactive optical wall piece which responds to the viewer's approach.
The old fingerprinting approach required transporting a large nonporous or smooth surface (e.g., a wall piece or a glass) to the crime lab, fuming the entire surface with superglue vapors, then dusting it (or using dyes in solvents) to visualize any fingerprints.
It was called The Wall Piece. "It was kind of an intellectual work," Petronio recalls.