Walla Walla

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Wal·la Wal·la

 (wä′lä wä′lä, wŏl′ə wŏl′ə)
A city of southeast Washington near the Oregon border. It is the center of an agricultural region known for its vineyards.
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Noun1.Walla Walla - a town in southeastern Washington near the Oregon borderWalla Walla - a town in southeastern Washington near the Oregon border
Evergreen State, WA, Washington - a state in northwestern United States on the Pacific
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Walla Walla, WA, August 24, 2019 --(PR.com)-- A new book titled "On a Higher Plain" has been released and tells the story of a young girl who was a survivor and a hero during the Whitman Massacre in 1847.
Chelan County 'financially healthy' top 10 Rank County Loan Funding 5 Year Property Rate Borrowing Tax Costs 1 Son Juan, WA 1.50% 1.31 9.90% 2 Asotin, WA 1.18% 1.85 14.60% 3 King, WA 1.75% 1.19 9.30% 4 Okanogan, WA 1.10% 1.14 19.70% 5 Jefferson, WA 1.49% 1.32 12.00% 6 Whitman, WA 1.25% 0.63 25.90% 7 Benton, WA 1.49% 1.86 10.50% 8 Chelan, WA 1.65% 1.40 11.50% 9 Walla Walla, WA 1.38% 2.07 14.20% 10 Island, WA 1.81% 1.44 9.40% Rank County Annual Mortgage Best Mortgage Payment Markets Index 1 Son Juan, WA 3.90% 75.16 2 Asotin, WA 4.20% 72.84 3 King, WA 3.70% 71.73 4 Okanogan, WA 6.90% 69.97 5 Jefferson, WA 6.10% 69.47 6 Whitman, WA 4.40% 68.38 7 Benton, WA 5.50% 68.30 8 Chelan, WA 4.90% 68.16 9 Walla Walla, WA 4.90% 66.25 10 Island, WA 5.20% 66.05
WALLA WALLA, Wash: Banner Corporation's Board of Directors increased its regular quarterly cash dividend by 9% to $0.38 per share.
of Walla Walla, Inc., Walla Walla, Wash.; fined $250
Together, Abeja winery and The Inn form a unique property at the heart of the Walla Walla wine country community.
According to the (http://www.tvguide.com/tvshows/here-and-now/episode-3-season-1/if-a-deer-shts-in-the-woods/1146995/) synopsis for Season 1, episode 3 of the HBO series, Greg (Tim Robbins) gets detoured in the wilderness on the way to the ethics convention in Walla Walla where he's invited to speak.
winemaker to achieve the title; Yashodan "Billo" Naravane, owner and winemaker of Rasa Vineyards in Walla Walla, Wash.; and Morgan Twain-Peterson, winemaker and owner of Bedrock Wine Co.
Walla Walla, Washington's regional airport has received four of the most famous airplanes flown in World War II as part of the Wings of Freedom tour, the company said.
PocketiNet Communications said it has officially announced that the Walla Walla Valley would be the first community to receive its ultra-fast gigabit Internet via advanced fiber optics.
Walla Walla WA, located in the southeastern part of the state along its border with Oregon, and just east of the Tri-Cities Nielsen Audio market.
The upshot of the email exchange and follow-up phone conversations is a pioneering educational program that Whitman College launched with the local school district in Walla Walla, Wash.