Wallace's Line

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Wal·lace's Line

 (wŏl′ĭ-sĭz) or Wal·lace Line (wŏl′ĭs)
A hypothetical line separating the Oriental and Australasian biogeographic regions and passing between the islands of Borneo and Sulawesi in the north and Bali and Lombok in the south.

[After Alfred Russell Wallace.]
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Wallace's line

(Biology) the hypothetical boundary between the Oriental and Australasian zoogeographical regions, which runs between the Indonesian islands of Bali and Lombok, through the Macassar Strait, and SE of the Philippines
[C20: named after Alfred Russel Wallace]
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The Wallace Line marks the separation of the Sunda Shelf from the scattered islands as they drift down towards the larger landforms of Papua and Australia.
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Chapter 2 follows Alfred Russell Wallace through Amazonian and Malaysian jungles, his independent discovery of natural selection, his tracing of the "Wallace Line," and his founding of biogeography.