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A biogeographic region of Indonesia west of Wallace's Line, including Sulawesi, the Moluccas, and the Lesser Sundas.
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Figures 3 to 5 have reduced the Wallacean shortfall, defined as the state of incompleteness in understanding of geographical distributions of taxa (Lomolino 2004) for New World Cryptotermes.
They have a relationship that works, but it is not love (another Wallacean illustration of "not").
speciosa synonymy (MONACHINO, 1945; KOCH et al, 2014), and this deficit in the taxonomic classification and little knowledge about mangaba distribution (Linnean and Wallacean, respectively) hampers the conservation of the species (BINI et al., 2006), which is already endangered (MANICA, 2002).
Challenging Wallacean and Linnean shortfalls: knowledge gradients and conservation planning in a biodiversity hotspot.
"This new rodent highlights the large amount of unknown biodiversity in this Wallacean region and the importance of its conservation.
The lack of such knowledge is noticeable in the rest of the book, especially on aspects of Pleistocene seafaring, Wallacean archaeology and colonisation scenarios.
The presence of a species of Phrynidae within the Wallacean region represents a major disjunction from North and South America where all other members of the genus reside.
These authors argue that the best way to circumvent both Wallacean and Linnean pitfalls is to invest in biodiversity inventories, but due to increasing threats, the use of biodiversity surrogates could be a way to select priority areas for conservation when data on species distributions are lacking.