Wallerian degeneration

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Wal`le´ri`an de`gen`er`a´tion

1.(Med.) A form of degeneration occurring in nerve fibers as a result of their division; - so called from Dr. Waller, who published an account of it in 1850.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Available studies have revealed that the Wallerian degeneration occurs at the lesioned site after peripheral nerve injury.
(5) As the axons undergo Wallerian degeneration, an axonal pattern eventually emerges.
Additionally, the entire spinal cord exhibited a high grade of Wallerian degeneration. In diencephalic regions there were few vessels with few lymphocytes in the Virchow-Robin spaces and few small foci of intrameningeal lymphocytes present.
M2 macrophages may reverse the detrimental effects of M1 macrophages and promote axon regeneration by secreting neurotrophic factors, supporting cellular phagocytosis and Th2 cells differentiation and facilitating SC activation after spinal cord injury (SCI) and during the later phase of EAE or wallerian degeneration [34-36].
And with 50%-100% concentration, it causes paralysis with producing neuronal Wallerian degeneration and fibrosis.
Because RD increases are primarily caused by demyelination [40, 41], our findings are strongly suggestive of demyelination caused by secondary Wallerian degeneration or retrograde degeneration after SCI.
Kliot, "Differential macrophage responses in the peripheral and central nervous system during wallerian degeneration of axons," Experimental Neurology, vol.
Spinal cord pathologic findings include IgG deposition, microglial nodules at the ventral horns, endoneural edema, and Wallerian degeneration. (1) Reported treatment course and outcomes are similar to the more common encephalitis cases.
Optic nerve crush is followed by the degeneration of affected axons and RGC death in a progressive and stereotypic process termed Wallerian degeneration (WD) (4-6).
Additionally, following injury in the peripheral nervous system (PNS), peripheral nerves undergo Wallerian degeneration and macrophages are recruited into the distal nerve pump [12].
This functional alteration could be associated with some degree of Wallerian degeneration of the internal white matter of the putamen.