Walnut brown

a deep warm brown color, like that of the heartwood of the black walnut.

See also: Walnut

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25" and come in black, walnut brown or chestnut brown.
The G650ERs cabin interior is kept in a classic-contemporary style, combining understated luxury and timeless elegance through a natural colour palette ranging from earthy tones of the walnut brown wooden veneers to the china-white leather seating and finest woollen Loro Piana fabrics with soft brown fishbone patterns.
SMART AND PRACTICAL Warm walnut brown is the perfect colour for winter.
Add warmth to walls by using richer tones such as burgundy, auburn or walnut brown, and don't hold back on the throws and cushions for a more earthy look.
The limited edition 'Verito Executive' has been launched in two premium colours, Pearl White and Walnut Brown that add to the style quotient of this sedan.
According to reports, the new variant, targeted at corporate professionals or businessmen, will be available in two colours--pearl white and walnut brown.
Gracefully thin, the notebook has a wavy textured finish and is available in three colors: walnut brown, birch white, and rattan silver.
I fancied the fried fish, chips and peas at two for pounds 9, but the coating was crisped to a dark walnut brown.
With a range of colours and shapes, these birds are different in appearance to more commercial varieties, producing interesting eggs with shell colours ranging from pale greens and blues to walnut brown .
After some debate, we settle on a walnut brown chaparral with packer brim and mountain cavalry crease.
Bake each batch for about 10 minutes, until most of the bubbling stops and the cookies turn a walnut brown.