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 (wôl′pōl′, wŏl′-), Horace or HoratioFourth Earl of Orford. 1717-1797.
British writer whose letters and memoirs provide valuable information about his era. With The Castle of Otranto (1764), he established the Gothic novel as a popular literary genre in England.


, Sir Robert First Earl of Orford. 1676-1745.
English politician who as first lord of the treasury and chancellor of the exchequer (1715-1717 and 1721-1742) led the Whig administration and is regarded as Britain's first prime minister.


1. (Biography) Horace, 4th Earl of Orford. 1717–97, British writer, noted for his letters and for his delight in the Gothic, as seen in his house Strawberry Hill and his novel The Castle of Otranto (1764)
2. (Biography) Sir Hugh (Seymour). 1884–1941, British novelist, born in New Zealand: best known for The Herries Chronicle (1930–33), a sequence of historical novels set in the Lake District
3. (Biography) Sir Robert, 1st Earl of Orford. 1676–1745, English Whig statesman. As first lord of the Treasury and Chancellor of the Exchequer (1721–42) he was effectively Britain's first prime minister


(ˈwɔlˌpoʊl, ˈwɒl-)

1. Horace, 4th Earl of Orford (Horatio Walpole), 1717–97, English author (son of Sir Robert Walpole).
2. Sir Hugh Seymour, 1884–1941, English novelist, born in New Zealand.
3. Sir Robert, 1st Earl of Orford, 1676–1745, British prime minister 1715–17; 1721–42.
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Noun1.Walpole - English writer and historianWalpole - English writer and historian; son of Sir Robert Walpole (1717-1797)
2.Walpole - Englishman and Whig statesman who (under George I) was effectively the first British prime minister (1676-1745)Walpole - Englishman and Whig statesman who (under George I) was effectively the first British prime minister (1676-1745)
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Sir Pitt Crawley (named after the great Commoner) was the son of Walpole Crawley, first Baronet, of the Tape and Sealing-Wax Office in the reign of George II.
The turkey carpet has rolled itself up, and retired sulkily under the sideboard: the pictures have hidden their faces behind old sheets of brown paper: the ceiling lamp is muffled up in a dismal sack of brown holland: the window-curtains have disappeared under all sorts of shabby envelopes: the marble bust of Sir Walpole Crawley is looking from its black corner at the bare boards and the oiled fire-irons, and the empty card-racks over the mantelpiece: the cellaret has lurked away behind the carpet: the chairs are turned up heads and tails along the walls: and in the dark corner opposite the statue, is an old-fashioned crabbed knife-box, locked and sitting on a dumb waiter.
Who should act genteel comedy perfectly," asks Walpole, "but people of fashion, that have sense?
Ten years later he was allowed to come back and attempted to oppose Robert Walpole, the Whig statesman who for twenty years governed England in the name of the first two Georges; but in the upshot Bolingbroke was again obliged to retire to France.
Yet Horace Walpole wrote a goblin tale which has thrilled through many a bosom; and George Ellis could transfer all the playful fascination of a humour, as delightful as it was uncommon, into his Abridgement of the Ancient Metrical Romances.
Meet at In front of 41 Ellis Street, on the street, Walpole.
In this regard, the famous prefaces, in which Walpole claims to have used comic elements as supplements to the sublime drama in his fiction, are entirely misleading.
Protestors at Walpole Island First Nation along the St.
They first enjoyed a 7-3 win at third-placed Beaumont A thanks to hat-tricks from Anthony Phoenix and Nuradin Muktar, with Mark Walpole, Tony Langley and Steven Baines taking a set apiece for the hosts.
Walpole Capital, a venture capital firm based in London, has said that its board of directors has named Harjeev Kandhari as its non-executive chairman.
The AOP's head of membership, Louise Walpole, told OT: "As the leading representative organisation in the UK for optometrists, the AOP represents the needs and interests of our practising and student members.
Sharon Walpole, chief executive of Walpole Media Group, Beverley Nielsen, director of corporate affairs at Birmingham City University, Jo Stroud, owner of designer jewellery retailer Fabulous, and Sharon Redrobe, chief executive at Twycross Zoo, are among the finalists in the nationwide Businesswomen of the Year award.