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Noun1.Walter Piston - United States neoclassical composer (1894-1976)
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American composer, Walter Piston, said, "The sense of motion forward to the next downbeat, imparted by the anacrusis, seems to be continually present in melodies possessing unmistakable vitality, such as those of J.S.Bach.
Tobin tackles the first of these goals with gusto, providing a survey of the works, lives, careers, and reception of twelve selected composers, some more familiar than others: Edward Burlingame Hill, Walter Piston, Harold Shapero, Irving Fine, Arthur Berger, Lukas Foss, Alexei Haieff, Ingolf Dahl, Louise Talma, John Lessard, Nikolai Lopatnikoff, and Aaron Rabushka.
And we go on to discuss the American symphonists Woods would like to bring forward to ESO audiences: Walter Piston, William Schuman ("he also wrote a wonderful cello concerto for Leonard Rose", adds Woods, himself a cellist), and continue with Woods pointing out that the fashion for minimalism over the last 35 years has shrouded out the composition of symphonies and concertos.
3), Walter Piston (Suite from The Incredible Flutist) and George Antheil (A Jazz Symphony).
composers such as Amy Beach, Charles Griffes, Roy Harris, Walter Piston,
Nikolai Tschemberdschi, Concertino; Joao Guilherme Ripper, Wind Trio; Arthur Berger, Quartet in C Major; Walter Piston, Three Pieces; Walter Hartley, Woodwind Quartet; Martin Scot Kosins, Rainbow Sundae.
Drawing on a large cross-section of the ensemble's core membership, the WCMS delivered a well-conceived program of generally unfamiliar music by Brahms and Walter Piston, along with Mozart's "String Quintet in C."
The concert will include repertoire spanning from the 1920s to 2011 with works by Walter Piston, Robert Muczynski, John Cage, Mei-ling Lee, Andr Jolivet and the UO's own David Crumb.
The first chapter provides information on the Pulitzer Prize in music, followed by the list of compositions by Elliott Carter, Charles Ives, Walter Piston, Gunther Schuller, Leo Sowerby, and others.
Mr Schwarz's recordings with his Seattle orchestra are now appearing at budget price on the Naxos label,and recently we have the Second and Sixth symphonies of Walter Piston, who died in 1976 aged82.
Diamond, like Roy Harris, Samuel Barber, Howard Hanson, William Schuman, and Walter Piston, is a modern Romantic composer who is working in a post-Romantic era.
Most of them were nurtured under Walter Piston (1894-1976) who graduated from Harvard himself, went to Paris to study with Boulanger and Dukas, and then returned in 1926 to take up a teaching post which he occupied in one form or another until he retired in 1960.