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Noun1.Walter William Skeat - English philologist (1835-1912)
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Hallam's work contributed to the scholarship of such philologists as Walter Skeat and Alexander John Ellis, both of whom published on dialect, (3) but his archives reveal a preoccupation that those scholars did not share: a dilation on the mockery and embarrassment experienced by dialect speakers and on the life stories of his informants--on, in short, the experiential aspects of living dialect communities.
One possible solution to this issue is that proposed by the great Victorian editor Walter Skeat, who argues that Lydgate is simply conflating similar lists made by Chaucer across his works, pulling together scattered references from the Legend of Good Women and the Canterbury Tales.
In his edition of AElfric's Lives of Saints, Walter Skeat points out in his notes to the "Letter of Christ to Abgarus" appended to the passio of Abdon and Sennes that "it is not clear why this Letter is introduced at this place, as it belongs rather to the Life of St.
(1) According to Walter Skeat, "The main part of the narrative follows, with tolerable fidelity, the Latin text known as the "Historia de Preliis" (Skeat xxi).