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n.1.A boat for conveying provisions, tools, etc.; - so called by Maine lumbermen.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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During a special session on August 29, the City Council approved the calamity declaration for barangays Los Amigos, Tugbok Proper, Talomo, and Wangan.
for stranded students of Wangan Technical School and Balengaeng Los Amigos Elementary School in Tugbok.
The amount covers food, non-food, financial, agricultural and medical needs that will benefit at least 3,559 families in the barangays of Talomo Proper (Talomo District), Wangan (Calinan District), Los Amigos and Tugbok Proper (Tugbok District).
The four barangays directly affected by the flash floods are Tugbok Proper, Los Amigos, Talomo, and Wangan, which are all located near the Talomo River.
To celebrate, Nissan is building a 50th anniversary edition of the upcoming 2020 model year GT-R that will come with a choice of three heritage colour combinations including Wangan blue with white racing stripes, Pearl white with red stripes, and Super Silver with white stripes.
Retired since the GT-R "R34" model, Bayside (Wangan) Blue makes a return, complete with white racing stripes.
The places for claiming the free gift sets include the arrival hall of Penghu Airport, Penghu Marine Geopark Center, the FamilyMart convenience store on Wangan Island, and the visitor center on Qimei Island.
Expansion of oil and gas exploration and mining also threatens Indigenous rights and livelihoods; in Alaska the Gwich'n Athabasca people; in Arizona, the Standing Rock Sioux, fighting the gas pipeline; in Queensland, Adrian Burragubba and the Wangan and Jagalingu clans on the land designated for Gautam Adani's proposed "biggest coalmine in the world." At the (other) Antipodes, Antarctica has ninety percent of the ice on the planet.
If the proposed mines go ahead, it can lead to a blowout of Australia's carbon emissions, deplete groundwater, destroy native vegetation and endangered species, affect the traditional rights of the Wangan and Jagalingou people, and physically harm the Great Barrier Reef and its associated coastal wetlands through port expansion and increased coal traffic (Environmental Law Australia 2016).
If they spent liberally at the wangan, or camp store, they might accumulate $40 or $50 of debt to different parties.
Activists said, 'The Wangan and Jagalingou are calling on the remaining three of Australia's big four banks, National Australia Bank, Westpac Bank and The Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd, which have not ruled out funding, to confirm they will not support the Carmichael coal mine with finance.'