Wankel engine

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Wan·kel engine

 (väng′kəl, wäng′-, wăng′-)
A rotary internal-combustion engine in which a triangular rotor turning in a specially shaped housing performs the functions allotted to the pistons of a conventional engine, thereby allowing great savings in weight and moving parts.

[After Felix Wankel (1902-1988), German engineer.]
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Wankel engine

(Automotive Engineering) a type of four-stroke internal-combustion engine without reciprocating parts. It consists of one or more approximately elliptical combustion chambers within which a curved triangular-shaped piston rotates, by the explosion of compressed gas, dividing the combustion chamber into three gastight sections
[C20: named after Felix Wankel (1902–88), German engineer who invented it]
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Wan′kel en′gine

(ˈwɑŋ kəl, ˈwæŋ-)
an internal-combustion rotary engine with a triangular rotor that revolves in a chamber.
[after Felix Wankel (1902–88), German engineer, its inventor]
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Noun1.Wankel engine - a rotary engine that is a four-stroke internal-combustion engine without reciprocating partsWankel engine - a rotary engine that is a four-stroke internal-combustion engine without reciprocating parts
rotary engine - an internal-combustion engine in which power is transmitted directly to rotating components
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The 55-year-old Fallorina, being supported by Mighty Sports, efficiently used the 500hp Wankel Rotary turbo engine and a Puerto Rican-style rear wheel set up for his Toyota car
An intermediate solution is the Wankel rotary expander [8].
Auto Business News-November 13, 2014--Mazda to equip RX-8 successor with Wankel rotary engine and electric motor
Audi in Germany is still working on the previously unsuccessful Wankel rotary combustion engine.
The UAV will be powered by a Wankel rotary engine, made by UAV Engines in Lichfield, driving a two-bladed propeller.
The indigenous powering engine, a wankel Rotary type was original project of VRDE, Ahmednagar.
We consider in this work two rotary engines, namely, Wankel rotary engine and Panu-Stanescu rotary engine.
Jim Ebisawa, engineering manager at Ogura Clutch Co., pointed out that the Ogura TX series has adopted Wankel rotary geometry design, which increases the working or sealed displacement of the pumping area and also improves volumetric efficiency of the blower over the operating range.