War field

a field of war or battle.
- Schoolcraft.

See also: War

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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There will be a large battle reenactment both days complete with 1860s military tactics, a naval water crossing and one of the largest ground charge displays in Illinois to simulate the effects of Civil War field artillery.
The future Great War Field Marshal Douglas Haig came ninth.
China- Pakistan Economic Corridor should not be made another war field by different countries.
Speaking at the memorial, the students lamented that the victims were not in a war field but at an educational institution.
"Pakistan has been turned in to a war field. People are barred from moving from one place to the other and scores of people have been arrested from various places.
The Prime Minister, who himself chose the military Generals to lead the battle, supervised by himself and during his daily visit to the joint operations room on the battles being waged in the war field in the city of Mosul, it said, noting that Al-Abadi, the leader who heads a divided nation and army, to liberate the country in order to return it to the embrace of the country.
According to ARG Palace, the Afghan nationals are only obliged to serve with the Afghan armed forces under the national flag and within the framework of the country, emphasizing that the government has never been and will never be involved in proxy wars, nor will allow anyone to turn the country into a prox war field.
In the background several soldiers are seen fighting in the war field.
Sisters of the Somme - True Stories from a First World War Field Hospital.
The main objective of organizing PACES Championship is not only to improve physical fitness level of Jawans but also improve individual's war field capabilities on scientific techniques.
One of the oldest arts, archery has evolved with the evolution of the humankind itself and even though archers don't really go into the war field anymore, it still holds a commendable place even at the Olympics.