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Grand Memoire on the War of American Independence: An Unpublished Manuscript Written 1777-1783; 2 volume set
Revolution on the Hudson: New York City and the Hudson River Valley in the War of American Independence. By George C.
That the very founder of the nation unified, who unified more than four dozen principalities into a single state several years before the War of American Independence, was made an object of hatred by a parochial section with the muscle to impose the horrendous ban on the Great King Prithvi Narayan laid bare the existing political culture run by riffraff bent on scuttling public opinion.
In the war of American independence the issues at stake touched on representation, taxation, and whether the relationship between the centre and the periphery would be based on equality.
The War of American Independence had a smaller impact than a biting ecological shortage of mahogany by the late eighteenth century.
Watson, The Price of Folly: British Blunders in the War of American Independence (1995).
Well, the last Prime Minister to lose a parliamentary vote on a matter of war and peace was Lord North in 1782 during the war of American independence. He resigned soon afterwards.
Military libraries strong in early American military history will love this survey, based on a range of sources that provide character sketches and eyewitness accounts of the War of American Independence. Each of the major battles and fights is considered with an overall focus on the war and it's larger political and economic impacts on both sides, making this a fine blend of specialty in-depth examination and wider-ranging analysis.
While walking across the University campus to the meeting we talked about the First Fleet and John Dann informed me that the Clements Library had just acquired a diary or Journal of an American who had served in the War of American Independence and a substantial part of the Journal was about this man's voyage as a seaman on board HMS Sirius on its voyage to New South Wales in 1788.