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 (dôl′mə, -mä)
n. pl. dol·mas or dol·ma·des (dôl-mä′dĕs)
A fruit or vegetable, especially a grape leaf or cabbage leaf, cooked with a filling of ground meat, herbs, or rice.

[Turkish dolma and Modern Greek dolmás, dolmád- (Modern Greek, from Turkish), from verbal noun of Turkish dolmak, to fill, be full; akin to Old Turkic tōl-, from passive of tō-, to close, block.]


(ˈdɒlmə; -mɑː)
n, pl dolmas or dolmades (dɒlˈmɑːdiːz)
(Cookery) a vine leaf stuffed with a filling of meat and rice
[C19: Turkish dolma literally something filled]


(ˈdɔl mə, -mɑ)

a vine leaf or vegetable stuffed with a savory mixture, as of ground meat and rice.
[1885–90; < Turkish dolma literally, something filled, filling =dol- fill + -ma suffix of deverbal nouns]
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The hot and cold mezzes include hummus with a puddle of olive oil in the middle and a few whole chickpeas floating in it, tabbouleh, moutabel, chicken salad, Lebanese cheese balls, fattoush, warak einab, green salad, beetroot and goat cheese salad, cheese, meat and chicken sambousek, spinach fatayer, kibbeh in addition to a variety of oriental and international salads with selected garnish and lettuce.