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 (wə-rŭng′gəl, wôr′əng-)
A city of southeast India northeast of Hyderabad. It was the capital of the Telugu Kingdom in the 1100s.


(Placename) a city in S central India, in N Andhra Pradesh: capital of a 12th-century Hindu kingdom. Pop: 528 570 (2001)


(ˈwɔr əŋ gəl)

a city in N Andhra Pradesh, in SE India. 447,653.
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An October 2016 conference was held in Warangal, India to explore research developments in wireless communication, signal processing, embedded systems, very large-scale integration, microwave systems, and antennas.
Krishnamurthy (who is a former Professor and Head of Department, Plant Sciences at Bharathidasan University in Tiruchirappalli, India, and is at present an adjunct faculty at the Institute of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine, Bangalore); and Bir Bahadur, PhD, (Chairman and Head of the Department, and Dean of the Faculty of Science at Kakatiya University in Warangal, India), "Ethnobotany of India: Western and Central Himalayas" covers the ethnic diversity of people; ethnic food plants and food preparation; ethnomedical aspects of plants; psychedelic plants and their possible link to soma, a vedic ritual drink whose plant origins are a mystery; ethnoveterinary medicinal plants; ethno-conservation practices; and biodiversity heritage sites.