Warehousing system

an arrangement for lodging imported articles in the customhouse stores, without payment of duties until they are taken out for home consumption. If reëxported, they are not charged with a duty. See Bonded warehouse, under Bonded, a.

See also: Warehousing

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Contract notice: "implemented under mnv country inventory software, sap erp and data warehouse system as a further development, as an extension, country inventory data warehousing system design, supply, implementation, integration, implementation, introduction project management, training and the provision of support services 6-month period from the date of production start.
Teradata's data warehousing system has been invaluable in cutting down the time needed to gather that information from different locations and produce it in the format that the agencies require.
CaseStack combines an advanced transportation and warehousing system with proprietary, web-based software to provide end-to-end fulfillment services that enables Malibu to provide a sophisticated, global logistics system without all of the infrastructure costs and at a significant savings to the company in warehousing, order processing and shipping expenses.
This new data warehousing system reaffirms our company-wide focus on technology," said Bob Dunst, Albertsons executive vice president and chief technology officer.
Combined together these technologies enable an organization to become an intelligent business, rather than just a business with a business intelligence and data warehousing system.
CaseStack combines an advanced transportation and warehousing system with proprietary, web-based software to provide end-to-end fulfillment services that enable customers to reap the benefits and economies of a sophisticated, global logistics system without all the infrastructure costs.
Nasdaq:MCTR), today announced that United Biscuits, the world's third largest biscuit and snack company, has successfully implemented Mercator's Integration Broker to integrate data about the movement of goods from its warehousing system into SAP(TM) R/3.
EarthScape 3D uses industry-standard PC workstation components and third-party software packages combined with E&S Integrator(R) technology, the most advanced 3D database construction tools available today; PRA's Tierra Station(TM) web data warehousing system, which hosts PRA's EarthScan(TM) agricultural remote sensing product web site; and PRA's WITmap(TM) 3D database material classification technology; and automated algorithms for 3D object placement, material classification, and run-time database generation.
Approved freight invoices are automatically conveyed to the suppliers' financial systems, and a hand-held RF device communicates with Lucent's legacy ERP warehousing system during the entire receiving process.
GRSTWIST is an infinite warehousing system that employs state-of-the-art technologies and Internet capabilities to provide innovative solutions.
At Longs, he directed the development and implementation of three generations of retail pharmacy systems, network-centric ("web-based") applications, decision-support and data warehousing systems, point-of-sale, automated replenishment, warehouse/distribution, multi-channel retailing, wireless applications, and robotics systems.
Traditional BI and data warehousing systems are "big iron" implementations that cost a lot of money, take a long time to deploy, and are difficult and expensive to upgrade or replace.