Warehousing system

an arrangement for lodging imported articles in the customhouse stores, without payment of duties until they are taken out for home consumption. If reëxported, they are not charged with a duty. See Bonded warehouse, under Bonded, a.

See also: Warehousing

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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In a typical warehousing system, there always exist numerous unfulfilled task orders.
Britain's financial watchdog is also investigating the LME's warehousing system.
As early as 1821, Secretary of the Treasury Richard Rush argued that "amongst the expedients for augmenting the foreign trade of a country, otherwise than in the exports of its own productions, none are believed to be more important than the warehousing system." European nations, and especially Great Britain, had created an enviable special warehouse system to great advantage, and it was time for the U.S.
The biggest was a new warehousing system that cost it pounds 9million and triggered one of four profits warnings.
The biggest was a new warehousing system that cost it pounds 9m and triggered one of four profits warnings.
Paulaner HP USA, the Littleton, CO-based importer of the Paulaner and Hacker-Pschorr brands, among others--has kicked off a new on-demand logistics and warehousing system.
commodities through warehousing system and trading at National Commodity Exchange Limited.
The workshop also highlighted the warehousing system, its regulations, the mechanism of goods delivery and the proper storage of stock materials items.
MONTAAGE, a decorative accessory manufacturer, has closed its warehouse and moved to a third-party warehousing system in Dallas to make the company more nimble, as retailers are looking for more customization and specialty and made-to-order goods, said Mary Taylor, president.
Markem's systems integration team networked the Cimjets and the Cimpaks to Coca-Cola Enterprises on-site warehousing system, enabling Coca-Cola Enterprises to record precise data about the product for stock and traceability purposes.
The Wyoming Education Association (WEA) is working with government and private industry sources to further develop a data warehousing system that will enable the quick transfer of student files among departments as well as districts.
If an operational system and a data warehousing system living in harmony on one server can avoid this one issue alone, apart from all the rest, surely it is worthy of consideration?