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or Hua·ri  (wä′rē)
A pre-Incan empire with links to the contemporaneous civilization at Tiahuanaco, developing around the 10th century in the Peruvian highlands and spreading to encompass more than half of modern-day Peru before collapsing around 1200.

[After Huari, the type archaeological site of Wari culture, located in south-central Peru.]
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Located in central highland Peru near the modern city of Ayacucho, the Wari capital was surrounded by massive stone walls and is thought to have housed tens of thousands at its height.
So for 70 Wari tombs have been found at the Pucllana site.
The Dartmouth study is the first large-scale look at the settlement patterns and power of the Wari civilization, which flourished from about AD 600-1000 in the Andean highlands, well before the Inca Empire's 15th century rise.
A team led by Milosz Giersz of the University of Warsaw dug through debris at a Wari site near Peru's northern coast last September and entered an unlooted ceremonial room that contained a stone throne.
The local names of dates include Ghuray Wari, Toto, Allah Wari, Gorho, Asul Khurmo and Nur Aseel.
Jennings started the project thinking that the Wari culture of 600 to 1000 CE was an empire, and he expected to uncover evidence that the Wari were conquerers.
Last summer, their digs in the VIP area of a cemetery at the Wari hillside settlement of Cotocotuyoc yielded up a rare "trophy skull" thought to have belonged to a combat-hardened warrior of about 30 years of age.
Se presentan los resultados del analisis de los restos oseos humanos provenientes de dos estructuras mortuorias excavadas en el sitio Wari de Marayniyoq, del valle de Ayacucho, Peru.
However, archaeological evidence shows the Wari preferred the spicy chicha made from molle.