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n. pl. Warlpiri or Warl·pi·ris
1. A member of a traditionally nomadic Aboriginal people of north-central and central Australia.
2. The Pama-Nyungan language of this people, known for its relatively free word order.

[Warlpiri, ethnic self-designation.]


(Languages) an Aboriginal language of central Australia
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Noun1.Warlpiri - a language of Australian aboriginesWarlpiri - a language of Australian aborigines
Aboriginal Australian, Australian - the Austronesian languages spoken by Australian aborigines
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2016 [1989]) Desert Dreamers: with the Warlpiri people of Australia.
Thornton revealed at an AFF post-screening Q&A that Morris, being a Warlpiri man, was unable to speak the Arrernte dialect required for his character, and was coached by Arrernte-speaking nonprofessional co-star Gorey-Furber.
Biddle is Director of Visual Anthropology and Visual Culture at the National Institute for Experimental Arts and the University of New South Wales and has spent more than three decades working with Warlpiri communities in Central Australia conducting research.
We suggest that, in Australian Aboriginal ceremonial practices and art, two kinds of brilliance are at work, both of which we exemplify using evidence from songs and languages of the Arandic and Warlpiri region of Central Australia.
The app uses the Warlpiri language, ceremony, skin name and law to foster a sense of identity and belonging.
The Dawn Service commenced with Warlpiri Man Leading Aircraftman Brodie McIntyre of the Royal Australian Air Force playing the didgeridoo from the parapet of the Memorial.
In August 1966, in Australia's remote Northern Territory, Aboriginal leader Vincent Lingiari led 200 Gurindji, Mudburra, and Warlpiri workers and their families--90% of the staff at Wave Hill cattle station--from a century of servitude to British multinational company Vestey's.
Le reve du feu traverse par le reve de l'emeu (7), Luvre realisee par les Warlpiri actuels, met en evidence que les formes symboliques que sont l'art et le mythe s'enracinent sur le phenomene originaire de pregnance symbolique, vecu au niveau perceptif.
Not to mention, for example, these kinds of claims: "Legate's discovery that the left periphery of Warlpiri looks like Rizzi's left periphery for Italian (and Cable's for Tlingit) would have been the topic of an hour on NPR Science Friday" (slide 72).
Croft (2002: 226-233) presents various phenomena that are problematic for such one-to-one mapping, as in the following sentence from the Australian language Warlpiri.
While families and people from the same language group tend to cluster together, the Alice Springs town camps are home to people from a mix of language and cultural groups, including Arrernte, Warlpiri and Luritja (Foster, Mitchell, Ulrik & Williams, 2005).
Eric Michaels (1994) investigated the Warlpiri people, an oral culture from central Australia, who "read" their landscape in a method that is not available to non-indigenous people.