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General Dato' Sri Zulkiple Bin Haji Kassim was warly welcomed at all the services headqurters.
of Belgium, Al-Ali Al-Suwailem Group of Saudi Arabia, Larsen & Turbo of India, Hider for Consultations of Britain, Warly Barsoners of the U.S.
I love you so very much.) -Your Carly Warly Warly -Two pence piece Danny and Thomas.
authoritative astronomy experts are invited to give explanations at the same time of the events happening, which is warly welcomed by the netizens.
In the Pentecost play, the two Doctors appear to wait below ready to pounce on the sequestered Apostles--'But warly wayte when [??]ai come oute' (l.91)--and could hide in plain sight on the steps.