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A horse of any of various breeds having a moderate build and mild temperament, originally developed by crossing draft horses with Arabians or Thoroughbreds, and often used for dressage and jumping.
Relating to or having the characteristics of a warmblood.

[Translation of German Warmblut : warm, warm + Blut, blood (from the fact that warmblood horses are livelier than draft horses but less excitable than Arabians and Thoroughbreds).]


a breed of horse
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Genetic relations of movement and freejumping traits with dressage and show-jumping performance in competition of Dutch Warmblood horses.
He's too grand to be my favorite," I say, reminded of the hour I watched the imported Dutch warmblood and his owner run through a series of paces in preparation for an upcoming dressage competition, including the stately passage--and the elegant canter pirouette.
The Canadian Pacific (CP) Grand Prix, held yesterday at Spruce Meadows, wrapped up with a big victory for McLain Ward (USA), aboard 13-year-old Warmblood, Rothchild in the $210,000 event.
They also offer spectators a glimpse into the modern development of this oldest of the warmblood breeds.
Manny (official name, Mano Kinsky) is a beautiful Czech warmblood eight-year-old gelding.
This drilling program will test to the north of the Warmblood discovery where the mineralisation is interpreted to potentially join with mineralisation at the Filly South West prospect.
Shakespeare''s Will, an eight-year-old Warmblood gelding, was ridden by Lily Roberts, 16, from Greenfield, who has been competing at Caerwys since she was aged four.
Sultan, who rides Joondooree Farms Domiro, a gelding from the Australian Warmblood Horse Association, was flawless while performing for his team, and a similar performance is what he is hoping for in the individual competition.
Incorporating expert information from national breed organizations and registries, the text contains listings for 100-plus breeds of pleasure, gaited, warmblood, draft, and wild horses, and ponies.
Billy, a 12-year-old piebald warmblood cross, belongs to Davina and Jenna Pickles, of Dewsbury.
RECOMBITEK Equine WNV would be represented with a dark brown Warmblood.
Claire, a member of the Stoneleigh Riding Club who is perhaps best known under her maiden name of Foley, was riding the five-year-old Dutch Warmblood horse Renkum Raphael, a winner at the British Riding Club Championships this year.