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They say the world is much warre than it wont.
- Spenser.
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Tenders are invited for Renovation Warre Bridge to Tijnje
If you have a Langstroth or Warre hive, you will need to unstack the boxes first, making sure you remember what order they were in and start your inspection with the bottom box.
Take a look at the huge signs on the mountains announcing their presence - the Sandeman don's black cape, regal on the horizon, Cockburn, Dow, Graham, Taylor and Warre all based within a half day's cruising downstream to Porto.
As of January 2017, NWJRCF had two active Langstroth hives prepped for winter in its prison yard, with current plans to add an additional five Langstroth hives and two Warre hives in spring 2017.
Brian Melbancke, Philotimus: the Warre betwixt Nature and Fortune (London: Roger Ward, 1583), [no sig.
The Warre betwixt Nature and Fortune, published in 1583, where the name of one of the characters, Telamon, is once spelled 'Telamo'.
Lisvane Panthers Black beat Radyr 5-0 thanks to goals from Ioan McDougal, James Warre and Jac Lloyd (3).
Designed by French monk Abbe Emile Warre, the warre hive will be kind to your bees, and still allow you to harvest the honey.
William, Fennor, Fennors Descriptions, (London, 1616); Stephen Gosson, Playes Confuted in Five Actions, (London, 1596); and The Triumpet of Warre, (London, 1598).
was never such a time, nor condition of warre as this; and I believe it
In 2014 he returned to Belgium for a tour of Liszt's Confession with actor Warre Borgmans, and gave a number of solo recitals and concerts with orchestras in the USA, Italy, China and the UK.
Drawings and photographs of models for the two main theatres at the new National Theatre accompanied an article by Michael Warre (volume 22, 1967-1968, p.