Wasatch Range

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Wa·satch Range

A range of the Rocky Mountains extending from southeast Idaho to central Utah and rising to 3,636 m (11,928 ft).

Wasatch Range

(Placename) a mountain range in the W central US, in N Utah and SE Idaho. Highest peak: Mount Timpanogos, 3581 m (11 750 ft)

Wa′satch Range′

(ˈwɔ sætʃ)
a mountain range in N Utah and SE Idaho. Highest peak, 12,008 ft. (3660 m).
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As much as 30 inches of snow was expected in northern Utah as weather warnings were issued for the Wasatch Mountains, the Western Uinta Mountains, Book Cliffs and Wasatch Plateau as well as the central and southern mountains, (http://www.
Operating on the Sevier side of the county line, around 30 miles southeast of Salina, the Sufco Mine, which started drawing high-quality coal from under the southern Wasatch Plateau in 1941, has been a key economic driver for Sevier and Emery counties.
What little snowpack Mother Nature dropped on the Wasatch Plateau this past spring is nearly gone, along with the runoff.