Wasatch Range

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Wa·satch Range

A range of the Rocky Mountains extending from southeast Idaho to central Utah and rising to 3,636 m (11,928 ft).

Wasatch Range

(Placename) a mountain range in the W central US, in N Utah and SE Idaho. Highest peak: Mount Timpanogos, 3581 m (11 750 ft)

Wa′satch Range′

(ˈwɔ sætʃ)
a mountain range in N Utah and SE Idaho. Highest peak, 12,008 ft. (3660 m).
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Whether it's a scenic drive into the majestic Wasatch Range, heading up to picturesque Park City, Utah, or finding a great restaurant off the beaten path, get out and see what you can find.
Forecasters really like it because it gives us a more realistic depiction of how snow density will vary across the Wasatch Range and with elevation," he said.
Even the 140-foot stone spine of the house, designed to emulate naturally occurring rock formations of the Wasatch Range, serves as a mechanical chase and structural backbone for the home's overall design.
Beyond that, DiMare said he tries to balance the aesthetic concerns of those using the building and those living or driving near it, taking into account the local topography, building design, views of Salt Lake City and the Wasatch Range beyond, even an ugly neighboring electrical substation.
NESTLED IN THE WASATCH RANGE of the Rocky Mountains, Salt Lake City, Utah, is an unexpectedly lively center for dance.
above sea level between the Wasatch Range of the Rocky Mountains to the east and the Oquirrh Mountains to the west, the location of some of the venues isn't exactly ideal when it comes to supplying electrical power.
PARK CITY, Utah The snow finally fell on the Wasatch Range early last weekend as the execs flooded Main Street, but the mood was cautious and the cast seemed to stay in fleece-lined pocket--at least for now.
It centered on two communities: Salt Lake City, which is building a 100-mile highway down the Wasatch Range, and Milwaukee, which is using federal highway dollars to remove an interstate.
Robert Redford's Sundance resort and institute covers 6,000 acres of protected wilderness in the North Fork of Provo Canyon at the base of 12,000ft Mount Timpanogos - the highest peak in Utah's Wasatch Range.
The basin extends from the Sierra Nevada and Oregon-Idaho border east to the Wasatch Range in Utah and south to the Mojave Desert.