Wash bottle

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head Lamp + dry wash bottle + insect repellent + dust mask".
Submarines are authorized to have emergency eyewash bottles in Nucleonics and Secondary Sample Sink in lieu of plumbed eye wash stations and may install additional eye wash bottle stations when desired.
To help manage their glass costs, motorists are advised to get chips repaired immediately before they become a costly crack, replace wiper blades every six months, top up their windscreen wash bottle regularly using screen wash, use a purpose-made ice scraper and avoid pouring boiling water directly to frosted glass.
To help manage your glass costs, Auto Windscreens is advising motorists to look after their windscreen by following five action points: Replace wiper blades every six months to avoid damaged blades scratching the screen Top up the windscreen wash bottle regularly using screen wash not washing up liquid, which could damage the wipers and leave a potentially dangerous film on the glass.
despite heightened fears over hospital acquired infections like MRSA and CDifficile, there was no obvious place for visitors or staff to disinfect their hands, and few used a hand wash bottle left at the end of beds.
At the point of use, Kittiwakes' Engineers Kit converts to become an on-site testing laboratory, with a manual titrator, electronic Smart2 photometer, pH and Starch Iodide papers, a digital thermometer, glassware, syringes, sample bottles, a wash bottle and a white work tray all supplied as standard.
Are all eye wash stations and personal eye wash bottle locations distinctly marked with highly visible signs?
Windscreens should be clear of condensation, wiper blades should be in good condition and the screen wash bottle should have plenty of water in it.
The Spray-Anywhere Adjustable Sprayer changes any bottle into a wash bottle, turns any reagent into a spray.