Wash stand

1.In a stable or garage, a place in the floor prepared so that carriages or automobiles may be washed there and the water run off.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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QI HAVE a marble-topped wash stand with a light brown stain on it.
Elegant feature tiles, ornate black marble wash stand and basin and soft lighting create a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere.
There are two further bathrooms on the first floor - a smaller shower room power shower and wash hand basin, and a larger family bathroom with built-in linen cupboard, bath and wash stand - and two separate wcs.
For the purposes of sustainability and in accordance with technological progress, we introduced a copper-zinc alloy for all wash stand and sink fixtures.
Aside from classrooms rehabilitation, the organization has also provided teachers and children's kits, a wash stand, ceiling fans for the computer room and sports kits.
It's completely clad in limestone around the walls and floor, it has a slipper bath, a walk in shower and a beautiful cast iron wash stand and pedestal with a beautiful wooden cupboard underneath it.
The only furniture: a chipped enamel wash stand stained black from years of grime and an old mattress I call my bed.
Panthera bath, PS2018.75, Manhattan vanity basin and wash stand, PS862.50, Richmond oval mirror, PS213.75, East Hampton white marble tiles PS2.96 each, all Fired Earth 5, h I've always wanted his and hers sinks.
Odensvik double wash basin PS110, Godmorgon wash stand with two drawers PS160, www.ikea.co.uk, 08453 583 363
Odensvik double wash basin PS110, Godmorgon wash stand with two drawers PS150, www.ikea.co.uk, 0845 355 1141 Simple life...
I could not help thinking of a wash stand with jug and bowl and one is constantly drawn back to the home, to function, to the kitchen, food and drink, offering, presenting.
In this application, the Deque wash stand flush mounted fitting with individual rosettes, and the Deque bathtub stand flow spout, both with natural, and wavelike water jets.