a.1.(Calico Printing) Capable of being washed off; not permanent or durable; - said of colors not fixed by steaming or otherwise.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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There are many types of masks to choose between - from sheet masks to wash-off masks to sleeping masks.
The first of these is a range of wash-off film labeling solutions that make it easier, during the caustic washing process that is central to the recycling of PET, to separate polypropylene labels from clean PET flake.
* UPM Raflatac is taking another step forward in its drive to label a smarter future by announcing that it has developed a range of wash-off film labeling solutions for a variety of end uses that can help brands create a circular economy.
Tuimur cautioned farmers against applying fertiliser when it is raining to avoid wash-off.
WASH-OFF tans are the Cinderellas of the self-bronzing market.
The remaining three swatches were subjected to the new wash-off process using discarded wastewater and employing three different temperatures.
Various types of pollutants are deposited, built-up and wash-off from the road surfaces [3,4].
Taking a close look at this burgeoning market, there are three major types of cosmetic facial masks in China--peel-off, wash-off and leave-on.
Asda Self-Tan Instant Wash-Off Shimmer Bronzing Gel, PS3.50
Avery Dennison Corporation a global leader in the label and packaging industry, won the WorldStar Packaging Awards 2013 in the Food category for its wash-off pressure-sensitive label that dramatically improves the recycling of Polyethylene terephthalate (PET).
Conventional warm dyeing systems already offer the benefit of creating the necessary bonds at a lower temperature -140degF (60degC), But still require a lot of water and high temperature for an appropriate wash-off.