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Noun1.Washington Irving - United States writer remembered for his stories (1783-1859)Washington Irving - United States writer remembered for his stories (1783-1859)
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History is known, to my young remembrance of that library, by a History of the United States, whose dust and ashes I hardly made my way through; and by a 'Chronicle of the Conquest of Granada', by the ever dear and precious Fray Antonio Agapida, whom I was long in making out to be one and the same as Washington Irving.
Archer was always at pains to tell her children how much more agreeable and cultivated society had been when it included such figures as Washington Irving, Fitz-Greene Halleck and the poet of "The Culprit Fay." The most celebrated authors of that generation had been "gentlemen"; perhaps the unknown persons who succeeded them had gentlemanly sentiments, but their origin, their appearance, their hair, their intimacy with the stage and the Opera, made any old New York criterion inapplicable to them.
That these visitors, too, whatever their station, were not without some refinement of taste and appreciation of intellectual gifts, and gratitude to those men who, by the peaceful exercise of great abilities, shed new charms and associations upon the homes of their countrymen, and elevate their character in other lands, was most earnestly testified by their reception of Washington Irving, my dear friend, who had recently been appointed Minister at the court of Spain, and who was among them that night, in his new character, for the first and last time before going abroad.
1820) by New York City writer James Kirke Paulding(1778-1860), emulating an earlier series by Washington Irving and others; Cooke = probably Thomas Potter Cooke (1786-1864), a noted English actor; Bonaparte = Napoleon Bonaparte died on St.
Walking Shadows: Reflections on the American Fantastic and the American Grotesque From Washington Irving to the Postmodern Era
In 1847, native New Yorker Washington Irving reflected with nostalgia on growing up in a city that was "a mere corner" of what it had become, and that corner "all changed, pulled to pieces." The 50th anniversary of the Landmarks Preservation Act is an opportunity to mourn the opposite: all the invisible buildings that will never exist because of a misguided law.
For ADA compliant access to the playgrounds, Angie Debo, Centennial, Charles Haskell, Washington Irving and Westfield designs include ADA compliant access with concrete ramps which will connect the sidewalk(s) to the new play structures.
Performed by professional film and theater actor Adam Sims, Rip Van Winkle, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, & The Pride of the Village is the unabridged audiobook rendition of three classic short stories for all ages, by acclaimed American author Washington Irving. Rip Van Winkle is the story of a simple, well-loved man who accidentally falls asleep for twenty years.
Event "Specter Brides and Headless Horsemen: The Ghosts of New England.'' Barry Deitz will share ghost stories from American writers like Nathaniel Hawthorne and Washington Irving. 6 p.m.
Ted painted the emigrant ship Washington Irving on which Patrick Kennedy, aged 26 years, sailed in 1849 and met fellow emigrant Bridget Murphy.
Leading the nominations for best live act is Anderson McGinty Webster Ward & Fisher, with Washington Irving, Roman Nose, Marionettes, Mickey 9s and Pronto Mama also nominated.

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