Wassail bowl

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a bowl in which wassail was mixed, and placed upon the table.

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Cups would be filled from the wassail bowl and invariably had multiple handles to they could be passed around readily.
We've spiked the wassail bowl with the forbidden fruit of doubt; one delicious sip and there's no turning back.
pagan custom of wassailing, although mulled beer could also be supped from the wassail bowl. Hot and spicy, what better cup to nourish
There were more mass-produced functional wares and less call for those that were handmade." One example of that trend is the celebrated Ewenny Wassail Bowl in the Swansea Museum in southernmost Wales.
Revellers would take a Wassail Bowl, usually a large wooden vessel, from house to house to distribute good cheer.
A wassail bowl, often as big as a cauldron, is filled with a mixture of cider, brandy, ale, spice and drunk hot.
A wassail bowl is brought forward which contains cider from the previous year's crop and floating on the top is toast.
Such habits continued through more modern history, as well, evidenced by the Saxons' ceremonial wassail bowl, a communal drinking vessel filled for celebrations with a distinctive mulled ale
Other customs, like the Yule log, wassail bowl and Christmas Morris Dancers, died away.