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Noun1.Wassily Leontief - United States economist (born in Russia) who devised an input-output method of economic analysis (1906-1999)
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I also encountered a few men who were genuine feminists and who fought for women's equality: the economist Wassily Leontief, who brought women into the Society; the philosopher Bernard Williams, one of my key teachers; the philosophers Hilary Putnam and Stanley Cavell, two of my Harvard colleagues.
John Maynard Keynes offered one; Wassily Leontief provided another.
Using Wassily Leontief's (1977) World Input-Output Model, the income generated by each of hundreds of global value chains can be broken down by industry, country, and capital and labour inputs.
John Maynard Keynes warned in 1929 of coming "technological unemployment" and Wassily Leontief predicted several decades later that "labor will become less and less important." In recent years, a range of studies has estimated that nearly half of all U.S.
Since 1953, the static input-output model was developed into the dynamic model by the economist Wassily Leontief; the dynamic input-output model, which can better describe the actual economy, has been widely used in the field of information economy, population, education, income distribution, national economic accounting, and so on for decades.
The existing mainstream thinking came into serious scrutiny with the work of Wassily Leontief who studied the structure of the United States foreign trade and asserted that the previous principles and assumptions did not hold.
In the 1980s, gross output statistics were published every five years as part of the input-output (I-O) tables developed by economist Wassily Leontief. According to Leontief, the I-O accounts required examining the "intervening steps" between inputs and outputs in the production process, "a complex series of transactions ...
Although some aspects of inter--sectoral relationship between economic units can be found in very old economic literature, Wassily Leontief is considered as the main developer of the input-output analysis (Ten Raa 2005).
La tendencia en Economia a la formalizacion matematica, conviene recordarlo, es el resultado de un proceso que recoge, por ejemplo, la investigacion iniciada en la decada de los anos cincuenta en torno al modelo input-output aportado por Wassily Leontief y las contribuciones dejan Tinbergen y Ragnar Frisch en el terreno de la econometria.
It is necessary to develop a sustainable model of strategic economic planning, based on dynamic input-output model developed by economist and Nobel laureate Wassily Leontief, which examines the evolution of an economy toward equilibrium via industrial interrelationships and inter-independencies of the economic system.
Chang is a heterodox economist at Cambridge University, with a number of works to his name, including the number 1 bestseller, 23 Things They Don't Tell You About Capitalism, and a Wassily Leontief Prize for "advancing the frontiers of economic thought" (http://www.ase.