Waste steam

Steam which escapes the air.
Exhaust steam.

See also: Waste, Waste

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Jebel Ali Operations Desalination Plant produces fresh water by thermal distillation, using waste steam exhausted from two free-energy driven back pressure steam turbines, and can produce up to 30 million imperial gallons (136,000 cu m) of fresh water per day, complemented by a 10 million imperial gallon reservoir.
(LEI) awed over 100 onlookers over a 2-day period as they invited city officials, ethanol plant operators and owners to witness how they use waste steam pressure to make green electricity at an ethanol plant in South Dakota.
The New York Steam Company installed a network of pipes to distribute steam produced in boilers as well as waste steam from electric production (Figure 1).
It also boasts LEED Gold Certification, cooling systems used to reclaim rainwater, and an electricity-generated system partly powered by waste steam. On top of all of this, its energy performance exceeds code requirements by an impressive 20%.
In the UAE, most of our water is produced by co-generation plants: power plants that generate electricity, and use the waste steam to desalinate the water we get from our taps.
He was exploring the possibility of using waste steam from the existing electricity generating station.
Bruce Power's plan to ship 16 radioactive waste steam generators from the Bruce "A" refurbishment through Owen Sound to Sweden is raising questions about the company's commitments to Canadian regulators.
"The Microsteam converts waste steam from an existing boiler system into electricity," Menefee said.
This form of carbon is a commercially important adsorbent of noxious materials in for example flue gases or waste steam. In adsorbing these toxics, carbon attaches them more or less firmly to its highly porous surfaces, which are very large.
Waste steam will also be sequestered and diverted to the greenhouse site to power heat lamps.
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