Waste trap

a trap for a waste pipe, as of a sink.

See also: Waste

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To clean out a waste trap bale out as much of the water as you can.
Mr Dearie said a piece of tooth was found in the waste trap of the bath.
Pillar tap, brass cp, waste trap, wast trap mounting brackets etc size 500 mm x 400 mm
Check the waste trap Underneath the plug hole of all basins, sinks and baths you will see a waste trap.
If you have not been able to clear the blockage, then you will have to remove the waste trap.
This week I will show you how to lay the Aqua-Dec, the drainage waste trap and the surrounding flooring.
Next to each of the fittings of a bath or sink or toilet, is a waste trap, sometimes called the U-bend.
The Sani-sleeve device works when inserted into the modified waste trap of a urinal by stopping urine from turning into uric salts, eliminating the cause of the smells and blockages.