Watch meeting

1.A religious meeting held in the closing hours of the year.
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SOUTH Wales Police and Crime Commissioner Alun Michael will be guest speaker at a neighbourhood watch meeting.
Dave Batten did a lot of good work when he was a councillor for this ward and always attended our Neighbourhood Watch meeting.
That would probably just about see her through one neighbourhood watch meeting.
Staffordshire Police and British Waterways will join forces to hold a Canal Watch meeting at Brewood Fire Station, in Brewood, near Stafford, tomorrow at 7.
The new website has minutes of the North Jesmond Neighbourhood Watch Meeting.
But he insists the comments to a Neighbourhood Watch meeting in London were misinterpreted.
The next Lane County Neighborhood Watch meeting is Monday at 7 p.
PALMDALE -- The city will hold a Neighborhood Watch meeting for residents who live east of 40th Street East at 10 a.
A Neighbourhood Watch meeting takes place tonight for the Biddick Hall area of South Shields.
Usually we would have to wait for the Pub Watch meeting.
At a Neighbourhood Watch meeting a neighbour again employed the term when I suggested the installing of speed control measures in a busy side-street.
It's a small thing to do and it comes up in every Pact meeting, in every Neighbourhood Watch meeting, but councillors and MPs don't care.